Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So ive been home from the hospital for about 3 weeks already! I cant believe how fast time has flown and how quickly ive healed. My incisions are looking great and ive started putting a combination of vitamin E oil and Mederma on them a couple times a day. My husband is back to work and its been a difficult transition for me taking care of the kids by myself. My back is sore often and I get exhausted easily. While he was home I was able to pretty much eat and nap most of the time. Now I cant just sleep in, I have to wake up and feed the kids breakfast. We had me a nice setup when I first got home. Our bed is about 3 feet off of the ground so I had to use a stool and Joey would help me boost into bed. Im sure it looked amusing. I constantly felt like a beached whale because I could barely move myself thanks to my sore chest and pretty much non existent stomach muscle usage. He bought me a lap table and would feed me meals in bed. He would bring me my drinks and keep up with my meds. I honestly dont know what I wouldve done without that man! My first experience with a shower was NOT fun. A visiting nurse came and had me sit in a chair in the shower and she was just REALLY rough. My skin is SUPER sensitive so while it was nice to get clean, it was an experience I couldve gone without. After that, Joey would get in and help me wash my hair since it was difficult to reach. After getting my drains out, it was alot easier to shower. Slowly I transitioned to where I would spend more and more time with the family downstairs. We have a couch that has recliners, that was and still IS useful to laying down and getting back up. We have gone to the mall a couple of times and walked around. It has taken me a while to be able to walk standing completely straight up since my stomach is still so sore and tight. Pain has gotten SO much more manageable. We had a scare where I was weaned off of the Percocet onto Tylenol and it did NOTHING for me so I was in so much pain I had to have Joey call in and get an immediate faxed prescription for some vicoden. Ive started to only take that at night to help with pain management while I sleep and 800 mg Ibuprofen during the day. My appetite has been up and down. Sometimes im ravenous and other times NOTHING sounds good. Ive kept myself on Miralaxx so that I can poo regularly. Yep, too much information im sure, but not being able to use your stomach muscles makes it quite an annoyance! Ive had two more post op appointments, one with each of my surgeons. They are both extremely happy with the outcome and say it will only get better with time. Im quite pleasantly surprised at how large they were able to get my chest. I went into surgery about a B cup and am now a full D just using the tissue, no implants. Im not used to filling out bras without padding! Its been a fun experience. Valentines was my first time getting dressed up, wearing a regular bra, and going out with my husband without the kids. I felt SO good. I hadnt put on makeup and dressed up for him in a while. He told me I looked "hot" lol. I could feel the stares at the restaurant as well. I guess thats what it feels like to have big boobies and wear a low cut dress ;) Today is my first day caring for the kids entirely by myself, as my husband has duty (working overnight). I know that I will most likely end up going to bed early from exhaustion, but am beginning to have more and more faith in myself. Im still not pushing myself too hard as I dont have clearance to exercise or do too much lifting yet. All in all the healing process seems to have flown by. I find myself forgetting to take my pain meds because I feel fine. Thinking back to those awful first days in the hospital I have come SUCH a long way. Im so happy with my decision to take control of my life and am so relieved that this is just one more bump in the road that I have overcome!