Pictures of my journey....

This was taken around Sept 2010, before I found out I was BRCA1 positive (I was working off baby weight!)

This was taken the morning of surgery, January 20, 2011 (I wore my favorite bra, knowing it wouldnt fit after surgery haha)

These are my breasts at about a B cup, picture taken the morning of surgery January 20, 2011

This is a hard picture for me to share, but it is evidence of what having two babies does to a women's stomach!

NOT a pretty sight. Taken January 22, 2011. The blue wires are dopplers implanted in my breasts to monitor blood flow to the tissue transferred. I have two drains coming out from the sides of each breast. My belly button was moved. I also have two drains below my stomach incision.

This side view of one breast was taken at home. The day of my first shower I believe January 24, 2011, so I had all of my drains pinned to a lanyard around my neck. You can see the bruising and where the drains actually come out of me. Also the incision that is still covered in steri strips.

Same day, front view. You can see all of the drain craziness. The most painful ones were the two lower ones below my stomach incision.

No more drains! This was taken February 4, 2011. Lots of swelling has gone down and the steri strips were starting to come off of my incisions.

Taken February 7, 2011 All of the steri strips have come off and you can finally see the scar. Its not as big as the Plastic Surgeon thought he was going to have to make. You can really see how big my breasts are in this picture :)

Taken same day, look at my flat tummy! The incision is quite a bit higher than I was expecting but I am pleased with the outcome so far. The Plastic Surgeon insists that my belly button will sink back in, but it hasnt so far!