Monday, January 31, 2011

Going HOME

Getting that news that I was ready to be discharged made me SO happy. I was so annoyed at the fact that all the stool softeners and prune juice had NOT worked so I finally made them give me a sapository..yep I was despereate! I have to admit that not being able  to go POOP was one of the most uncomfortable parts of the whole thing. I hadnt gone for 5 days thanks to all of the meds!!! When I FINALLY got relief from the dang sapository I felt so much better! I ordered and actually ate a decent lunch. Joey laughed as he watched me shovel the food in my mouth, knowing I didnt have an appetite but wanted to leave!  He gathered all of our things, I had help putting on my camisole, my purple sweats, SEXY hot pink granny panties and button up shirt I had worn to the hospital. ALL of my drains had to be tucked and hidden beneath my clothing. The nurse came and gave us all of the discharge paperwork, went over how to take care of the drains and my wounds. She gave us about 5 different prescriptions and Joey started freakin out because they would only give me some before we left, none to tide me over until he was able to get to the base pharmacy. Luckily, we had a neighbor he called who also needed some prescriptions so he set up to have her come watch me when we got home so he could get hers and mine filled on base. For those of you who are unfamiliar with military base pharmacys, they fill prescriptions for free. At this point I was feeling pretty good. I was sitting up in a chair, dressed for the first time in 5 days and feeling good thanks to my recent dose of valium and percocet. They ordered for someone to come and get me with a wheel chair and wheeled me down to the car. Joey was really worried because he hadnt been able to warm up the car and I believe it was somewhere around 13 degrees outside. They got me in the car and my whole body started to tense up and my teeth were chattering. It was SO painful. Obviously with all of the messing around they had done with my chest and stomach muscles, having them tense up like that was NOT fun. We have heated seats and once we were on the road the car started to warm up. Joey took his jacket and hat off and put them on me as well as my coat and I slept in a foggy haze the entire ride home. It was probably a good thing because the jarring from all the bumps was killer. We got home and he helped me out of the car and slowly walked me into the house. The first thing I remember is the smell. My house smelled AMAZING! You know how everyones house has its own smell? Well home never smelled so good. I walked really slowly step by step up the stairs and Joey created a little nest for me with pillows and since our bed is 3 feet off the ground I had to use one of Hayden's little chairs to step up backwards and Joey had to lay me back in bed. It was the most comfortable I had been since the entire ordeal. The smell of home combined with the softeness of my pillows and flannel sheets were like heaven! I finally felt like my road to recovery could begin.

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